Host of the meeting can mute all the participants of the meeting. Once it is muted, the host cannot un-mute all, however the participants can un-mute the speaker from their meeting page. Steps to mute everyone in a meeting include:

1. Login to

2. Click on "Sign in" button at the top right panel of the home page

3. Enter the Email id and Password

4. Click on "Log In" button

5. Click on Timeline button from the left panel of the dashboard.

6. Click on "Start now" button to start the meeting

7. Roundesk meeting page opens asking the host to allow video and audio permissions

8. The window navigates to Camera preview page with options to show or hide camera

9. Check the camera and audio options and click on "Continue" button

10. The meeting is initiated

11. Click on "Open/Close Expanded toolbar" icon which is the last icon at the right side bottom of the meeting window

12. Click on "Mute Everyone" button in the first tab of the expanded toolbar

13. A Confirmation message appears below "Mute everyone except yourself? Once muted, you won't be able to unmute them, but they can unmute themselves at any time" with "Mute" button

14. Click on "Mute" button 

The Host can notice that all the participants are in mute status in the meeting.