1. Enter the admin url in the browser https://roundesk.io/admin/

2. Enter the admin user name and password

3. Click on "Login" Button

4. Click on "Users" link in the left side panel of the dashboard of the admin page

5. The Users page opens with details of all the users under the admin login.

6. Click on "Add New" button from the top panel of buttons of the users page

7. The Add user page opens 

8. Enter the Name of the user, Valid Email address of the user, select the time zone and country, select the appropriate country code.

9. Select the plan from the Subscription plan drop down 

10. Enter the Company name, Mobile number and password

11. Select the default role and Additional roles for the new user from the respective drop downs

12. Select the default language from 'Locale' drop down

13. Click on 'Choose File' button at the top right side of the page to add a profile picture of the user.

14. After entering the details and adding the picture, click on Save button.

15. New user is created and login details are send to the registered email address of the user.