1. Enter the admin url in the browser https://roundesk.io/admin/

2. Enter the admin user name and password

3. Click on "Login" Button

4. Click on "Users" link in the left side panel of the dashboard of the admin page

5. Search for the user to the deleted from the list of existing users by entering the username in search type box.

6. List of users with matching username entered will appear below

7. Select the user to the deleted by checking the check box before the name of the user.

8. Click on "Bulk Delete" button from the top panel of the page next to "Add New" button

9. A pop up window appears with the message "Are you sure you want to delete 1 user?" with two buttons - "Cancel" and "Yes, Delete these users"

10. Click on "Delete these users" button

11. The selected user is deleted from the users list.

The deleted user will no longer be able to login to roundesk with the credentials.