1. Enter the url in the browser : https://roundesk.io/

2. Click on "Sign in" button from the top right panel of the home page.

3. Click on "Forgot Password?" link in the Sign in page.

4. Enter the registered Email address in 'Recover your password' page.

5. Click on "Send me Email" button after entering the email address.

6. A pop up message appears "We have emailed your password reset link!"

7. Login to the registered email address and select the mail with subject 'Reset Password Notification' received from Roundesk

8. Click on the "Resent Password" button in the email.

9. The Reset Password page is opened where the user can enter the new password and confirm password fields.

10. After entering the new password, click on "Reset Password" button

11. The password is resetted and the user is logged into Roundesk page.