1. Enter the Roundesk URL in the browser https://roundesk.io/

2. Click on "Sign In" button

3. Enter a valid username and password in the login page and click on "Login" button

4. Click on "Start Now" from the scheduled meeting in the timeline page.

5. The meeting login page opens confirming the meeting id and user name 

6. Select the preferred Audio and video mode and click on "Continue"

7. The meeting window and meeting is commenced

8. Click on "Camera-Mute/un-mute" icon at the bottom of the screen(Blue colour Camera icon)

9. On click, the Video is stopped(hidden) and colour of the icon turns pink from blue.

10. Click the icon again to switch on the video during the meeting.

Note: If before joining the meeting, the camera settings were switched off, then the camera icon is in pink colour and can be switched on during the meeting.