The maximum number of participants to a meeting depends on the type of plan the user has opted for. There are two ways to add participants to a meeting. 

Adding participants while scheduling the meeting:

1. Enter the Roundesk URL in the browser

2. Click on "Sign In" button

3. Enter a valid username and password in the login page and click on "Login" button

4. Click on Schedule Meeting Button present either in the right side top of the page or from the left side panel of the page next to Timeline button

5.Enter the Title of the meeting in the 'Meeting Title' and description under meeting description field

6.Enter the Start date and end date and duration of the meeting in the respective fields

7.Select the Time Zone based on the location

8.Under 'Invite by Email' section, enter the Email id and Name of the participants of meeting to be invited 

9.Click on Add button , the participant details are added to the meeting

10. Click on Save schedule button

11. The meeting details are sent to the added participants email id entered while scheduling the meeting.

Inviting participants via Guest Link:

1. Once the meeting is scheduled as per the above process, the details of the scheduled meeting are available in the timeline of the host.

2. Click on the 'Guest Link' under the meeting details.

3. A pop up window appears with the meeting link which can be copied to the clipboard using the 'Copy' button

4. The meeting link copied can be sent to invite participants through email or whatsapp or message format.