There are many features of web application of Roundesk but not available in its mobile version and vice versa. List of such features is given below:

S.NoFeature detailsWhether applicable in Web appWhether applicable in Mobile App(Android)Whether applicable in Mobile App(IOS)
1Manage Video QualityYesNoNo
2View Full screenYesNoNo
Start Video RecordingYesNoNo
4Show a Youtube videoYesNoNo
5Blur the backgroundYesNoNo
6Mute EveryoneYes
7Speaker statisticsYesNoNo
8Share screenYesNoNo
10View ShortcutsYesNoNo
11Button to view all other participants in the meetingYesNoNo
12Kick out a specific participantYes
13Mute everyone elseYesNoNo
14Select Sound device(Phone/speaker)NoYesYes
15Toggle cameraNoYesYes
16Enable low bandwidth modeNoYesYes
17Schedule meetingYesNoNo
18Advance chat featuresYesNoNo
19Recording settingsYesNoNo
20Virtual BackgroundYesNoNo
21Switch Account
22Host concept for meetings/addition of additional host/Starting meeting with or without hostYesNoNo
Lock RoomYesNoNo
24Meeting room layout modificationYesNoNo
25Audio recording of meetingYesNoNo