Roundesk Meet is offered for businesses who prefer to conduct online meetings in a secured environment which is the within their company's intranet. In case of Roundesk Meet, it is single licensed product with unlimited users. Unlike Roundesk Remote, there are more admin privileges available in Roundesk Meet

Roundesk Meet offers secured environment for the users and the data is stored in the internal server of the Company reinforcing secured collaboration for the business.

In Roundesk Meet, there is an admin login wherein the details of all the users can be monitored including the number of meetings scheduled, upcoming and completed. The Roundesk Meet can be customized to accommodate the company name, Company logo and description of the company. The admin user has access to set up email templates which will be sent while a meeting is scheduled.

Conclusion : Roundesk Meet is suitable for medium to larger companies who prefer security with respect to data and have their own server and Intranet to host the product. The Product is single licensed with unlimited users and unlimited hours of meeting on any device whether it is mobile or desktop.