The User can schedule a recurring meeting by the following steps:

1.Login to 

2.Enter a valid username and password and click on Log in Button

3.Click on Schedule Meeting Button present either in the right side top of the page or from the left side panel of the page next to Timeline button

4.Enter the Title of the meeting in the 'Meeting Title'

5.Enter the date of the meeting in 'Start date'  and 'End date' filed

6.Enter the time of meeting in 'Start time' and 'End time' field

7.Select the Time Zone based on the location

8. Check the checkbox next to the text 'Recurring meeting'

9. Once the checkbox is selected, two new field are populated - Recurring Type and Recurring End date.

10. Select the Recurring type from the drop down having the values - Daily or Weekly or Monthly.

11. Select the end date for the recurring meeting in the field 'Recurring End Date'

12.Enter the Email id and Name of the participants of meeting to be invited under 'Invite by Email' section and click on Add.

13.Select the appropriate settings for the meeting under 'Advanced Settings' section.

14.Click on "Save Schedule" button to schedule the recurring meeting.