1. Type the Roundesk website https://roundesk.io/ in your browser

2. Click on "Sign In" button from the top right end of the Roundesk website

3. Enter the username and password in the Email and Password field 

4. Click on "Sign In" button to login to Roundesk page

5. Click on "Schedule Meeting" button either from left side panel of the dashboard or the button from top right side of the page.

6. Enter the 'Meeting Title' and 'Meeting Description' 

7. Select the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' from date picker and 'Start Time' and 'End Time' from time picker.

8. Select the Time zone from the drop down.

9. Enter the Participant Email and Name under Invite by Email section and click on "Add" button

10. Select the necessary options from Advanced settings 

11. Click on "Save Schedule" button

12. The details of the scheduled meeting is displayed in the dashboard with following buttons 'Edit', 'Cancel', 'Start Now' and 'Send Mail'.

13. Click on 'Send Mail' Button

14. A pop up window with question 'Are you sure want to send email.' with buttons 'Confirm' and 'Cancel' button.

15. Click on 'Confirm' Button, a notification message that email is sent successfully is displayed in timeline page.

16. A Email is resent to all the participants of the meeting.