1. Type the Roundesk website https://roundesk.io/ in your browser

2. Click on "Sign In" button from the top right end of the Roundesk website

3. Enter the username and password in the Email and Password field 

4. Click on "Sign In" button to login to Roundesk page

5. In the timeline page, click on "details" button of the completed meeting

6. The meeting details page opens

7. Scroll down to the 'Minutes of Meeting' section

8. Enter the Action item under Action text field, Description under Description text field, responsible person or team details under Responsible text field and timeline for completing the action under Deadline text field and click on Add button

9. Add all the minutes of the meeting one after another

10. Click on " Save Minutes" button to save the minutes of the meeting 

11. Click on "Save and Send Email" to send the minutes to the participants of the meeting.