Pre-requisite: Download the Roundesk Desktop App from its exe file and install the app in your desktop or laptop

1. Click on the Roundesk desktop App icon to open the application.

2. Click on the settings icon at the left side top of the application.

3. The settings opens as a pop up details which can be entered or modified

4. Enter the name of the user in the 'Name' field which will be displayed in all the meetings joined by the user.

5. Enter the email address in the 'Email' field which is displayed in the meetings.

6. Select the button for the two options "Start with audio muted" and "Start with Video muted" to set the default settings on whether the audio and video will be ON or OFF once any meeting from the application is started.

7. Click on "Advanced settings" to note the Server URL where the meeting details are stored and timeout details before which the user has to join the meetings.

8. Click on button for "Always on Top Window" if the user wishes to have application ......

9. Click on "<-" back link to go back to the main home page of the application.