The Trial version expires within 30 days from the date of subscribing. In order to continue using the product, the user must renew the trial and opt for a pricing plan. Steps on renewing the trial include:

1. Enter the Roundesk URL :

2. Click on 'Sign In' button at the top right of the page

3. Enter the Username and password in the login page and click on Log in Button.

4. The user is logged in and dashboard/timeline page of the user is displayed

5. Click on the Username logo at the top right corner of the page

6. Select the 'Account Management' option from the list of options displayed.

7. Account management page is displayed with default tab as Account information where the Account stage is 'Trial - Ended'

8. Navigate to Pricing plan tab in Account management page

9. Click on 'Activate" button of the selected plan for renewal

10. A Pop up window opens asking confirmation for updating plan. 

11. Click on Confirm Button

12. The payment page opens and user needs to select the appropriate payment method

13. The user completes the payment and Account Stage is changed to pricing plan selected.

14. A confirmation mail is generated to the registered email address for the payment made.